Data For Your Field Force

Medical Device

Equashield is a fast-growing medical device company, based out of New York in the US.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop


  • Infrastructure Support
  • Visualization

Problem Statement

Equashield had purchased a static csv file of 80,000 records with Hospitals and medical facilities that was not very easy to work with to organize, browse, and partition for their sales reps. They wanted to provide their sales reps out in the field with the tools to efficiently and effectively cover their territories as well as to expand their sales territories across the United States.

SUM Solution

StartupMetrics provided Equashield with the capability to manage their target list of over 80,000 medical facilities across the US. The dashboards were developed to both appropriately segment the country into equally sized sales territories and with links to googlemaps, provide the sales reps with the ability to easily navigate from one location to the next.

Custom Code